Straw Hat

Straw is dried stalks of grain, used as fodder or as material for thatching, packing or weaving. Straw symbolizes simplicity, humility and a down to earth attitude. It has references in Eastern philosophies to humility that is undeterred even when trampled under feet and at the same time as powerful when the tiniest bit enters a person’s eyes.

Straw Hats have remained a fashion statement, a protection against sun and wind, part of uniform, a sporting head gear as well as a status symbol.
It was observed in the eighteenth century paintings to have adorned the richest ladies hair, decorated with a tuft of flower, feather or satin ribbon. It has been a summer time favorite head protection for men of all regions. The eastern world has always seen farmers, soldiers and other hard working men use it as a head protector in the sun!
It has been a natural gear for the communities that have ease of access to straw; meaning farmers and cattle herders. Hence, history holds some taboo to the status attached to straw hats as against felt or leather hats. Yet, there have been many times that this dash of golden, mesh has adorned the most handsome men and women as a shear fashion call.
A tourists favorite in the summers, it has held great value by the coasts, no matter where.
A ‘Straw Hat’ is also a person of great intellect, wisdom and values with enormous sense of humility, compassion and ability to present himself to the lowest of lows. His genius is unfathomable, often confused as an ordinary simpleton, he is  ignored and overlooked by observers as ‘a person of no value’! A Straw Hat can many a times be a true leader, one whose wisdom shows people the way into in-ordinariness.

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Creating God!

Bineau posted about the new robot God that was on its way from the AI world. The first thought that occured was, “who?” Men(humans, no gender bias intended) who refute existence of any super power called God and affirm that historically man attributed all unexplained ignorance to a creature and thus created mythology about it, had by far, found God afterall!

Two things, one he constantly questioned existence of God. Which questions his affirmation. Two his attempt to create God is a gesture man historically attempted; to attribute! History does repeat itself. Be it as a tree or a machine!

The other perspective is God is that attribute that is all powerful, wondrous and indomitable. Why would man want to create this superior being? Isn’t that against human’s BCP (business continuity plan)? Or is the charm of marvelling so gripping that man can give up his self to achieve his greatest creation. Does he secretly admire being Godded upon, hence all means of finding ways to create Him? Why not? Matters if you see God as a protector and wellwisher and not your enemy, then why fear your marvel? You must coexist and better create till infinity.

Brings me back to, “what was wrong in finding God in the Tree or the sea ?” A mere element issue, a matter of water, carbon, platinum or gold and the software, chantings or voice recognition and transfer?
Indian mythology has anecdotes of ‘Vishwakarma’ carving the Lords’ deities. There is a process of then instilling life in the deities by invoking The Spirit! Now if the AI scientists did want to instill programs that gave their Machine the Spirit, that’s God enough! Overall it looks like Man loves to see his best potential and cumulative optimum given form and shape as a separate unique entity, praised and awed at! The God with out?

When Indian spiritual gurus (originals) waded to the darkest regions to spread some light people asked, “Does He have form, shape?” , “Is He different from I” , “Is He within, without?”, “How do we find Him?”

The answers were, He is infinite but can take form to satisfy your curiosity, He is within and without at the same time, He is the cummulative whole of all of creation and ever expansive. Yes, you can find him by various paths you choose- curiosity, adamance, accumulation and assimilation or simple love and faith. The plastic and platinum or log of wood is your choice! One transfers electric energy and other transfers faith!

Good to see the paths you traverse to meet Him in the End! Errr….let us know what gender is your GOD Robot?

….loves me!

The autumn breeze brings a gripping stillness! Onset of winter brings along fond memories, chilliest of nights made warm and sultry in the arms of huggables, comforters and the fire. 

Just a little ahead, a mid festive reminder with a nip in the air, cooing of farthest honks and wheels, touching your soul like a tease. That something about the sky, the tingle so ethereal, sheer flashes of cherished moments. This magic is indescribable, its an experience most awaited after months of drizzle and drench. 

I wait as though the honk is conveying his messages, the breeze has gifted me his touch, the sweet aroma is his scent mingling with the petals and drying  leaves to preserve in my potpourri. The lit up stores inviting me to buy him that momento for the year. Dazzling embellished garments flaunting his princely charm, nudging me to dress up for the season.

I wait, empty arms, yet filled with love messages from autumn galore. I stand up to hear the far fetched zig of wheels, chirping birds and night crawlers. I still feel engulfed. I am still so cheered up, no sign of remorse. Surrounded by the distances, overpowered by what autumn has to say.

No sign of doubt, ‘he loves me, he loves me not’! No tears his touches are light. No fear the arms aren’t locked around me. No worries that festivities are all about me. Autumn blesses with thunders and whispers, a mystique, a spell so fabulous. The tender flowers on the tough boughs, the crushing leaves still a pause, life begins to trudge into a secret mission for miraculous. 

Oktoberfest comes knocking on, you welcome him, her and all those.  He is yet to arrive, he is yours. You know he is yet to arrive, even if he doesnt….he is yours..

He loves me…oh he loves nots!

Don’t answer the Call..

I was upset with my little one throwing tantrum at midnight. I realy wished I could make him vanish until he regained his calm! But I am not the fairy Godmother, nor is he the enchanted…

Soon I was clearing up the table and making the bed. Putting all to sleep I shut out the lights. I dropped, don’t know when, into a deep slumber.  My eyes opened with a hustle bustle, I didn’t see the little one in bed. Pretty annoyed, he dared mess up so late, I kept gazing at the phone. It was 2.30am!! Holy! What on earth could he be trying, was he out of his wits? 

I walked up to see him lying on his bed, rather washed out! I came back and responded to a few texts. My friend in UK asked me surprised how I was up so late. I gathered my wits and listened carefully to what had actually disturbed me. I hear a bunch of dogs howling and barking mad, that gave me a start, I said. Just then I could hear a whole lot of noise from the kitchen. “Never answer a knock between midnight until dawn”, they say. Those are supposed to be the wee hours, stolen by darkness, tendered by surrealism.  

I was frozen. I just knew there was something going on, but couldn’t go to check. Mildly assumed it was the rats as there was some food lying outside. Tried hard to take a wink, but my eyes were stuck out open like I had no lids! Whooh! It was tiring. In sometime I had dozed off. The twilight tempered my senses, I could go check now or wait for the milkman to ring the bell. I couldn’t wait. Hopping out to see, my son sleeping on the couch in the lounge I went bonkers.

When did you come here to sleep? I asked. I was here all night, he said. Why is the main gate open? He said he wouldnt know. Did you wake up for food at 2 o clock? No, he said!

Ah! I had goose bumps but I wouldn’t let him know. I was pretending it was him and he had forgotten.

But it remains unanswered who was there!

Make a difference..Adopt the devil!

Right before you take a plunge….

The phone rang and I picked up to hear that feeble young voice, talking about feeling lost in a city of unknowns!  All empathies but this came unwelcome, passed off as a coincidence. 

I never thought about its sharp improbability. At times life is to be lived, not shrugged off filled with scepticism. Much is lost in safeguarding.  Though that seems reckless, that’s perhaps the charm of living it to the fullest. Mind not those who invite challenges just to make it worth appreciating. And perhaps, if you are seeking it you are probably ignoring, overlooking it’s inherent beauty.

I was lapping up my usual reads, my phone beeped, “can I call you?” The number was unfamiliar, in a wink the call had landed and I was responding surprised. “I am in town, I was in UK for a while. Thought I should let you know. ” These sporadic calls sounded SOS types.

As time passed by they suddenly converted to appreciation and short emotional sharing. Then once it was a joyous message of a new job! So I was thinking it was over after all, I wished him well.

A year had passed by the same voice landed on my phone past midnight, while I was on a night shift. He was proposing marriage? Should be intoxicated to consider someone you haven’t met, I was reasoning out. I was beginning to suffocate now. In a few months, in the same city I discovered rather odd truth about the gentleman. He had impersonated all along, part truth about himself. I was zapped yet concerned what could lead people to such frenzy? What I would now write as a comic tale, I resist, to show the unfortunate consequences of pranks. 

Flirting has its charm, often an expression of creativity and passion can be healthily steered into respectful liaison. Point is to hold it with dignity, not to let loose its character. Yet, many go headlong bumping in and out, making a mudslinging of all of it! And that’s where you know it’s a sign of gory intentions and callousness. Hold your strings if you are too passionate for you could be disappointed 

“I am shifting to your city, I have a job offer. Need your help settling down”. Now you need to learn to say NO! But he was quite convincing in his story. “Please don’t give up on me!” These words stuck around me like an unsaid bond.

I had adopted the DEVIL! Just to make a difference. I had no plans to chain it, but to win him his self esteem, his pride and success in life. Every passing day of defeated behaviour issues I had still calmly stood by, sometimes a little unnerved and seeking expert opinion.

I had alongside adopted huge differences with my whole clan, branded for treachery and filled my life with misgivings of people. I didn’t carry any obligation but to life! A big decision and you must dare if you have the ability to bear it! Don’t trudge this path unless you have honed your nerves.

For the Devil is not meant to fall back on! You must then bear your own cross….

….Don’t wait for the Devil to carry you when your wings are chipped!

Let Go…

I was practising, yoga and had begun to believe in self control and the joy of being. Breathing in and out, I kept my mind from lurking mischief and wondering into woes. I approached the sublime and soon would let my mind float into clouds of mystery and romance. 

The surrealism of being in love, its thistley nuances, thin lines between falling in and out to escaping wars, I wanted to take it all, consumingly overwhelmed by its facets so enamouring. My last stiffness had lasted a week and I had successfully stopped all communication, when all melted seeing a note asking ‘where are you?’ I held up my head breathed heavy and tried to detox from the feelings spiralling within. But something still seemed to vehemently deny the breathing pattern.

My yogic practice was failing! Work was getting unrewarding or was I disorienting it? I would call mom to get her quick solutions for anything, but this one was dreary! Let go! She said, the moment I spilled my woes. LET GO? My job!!! I was baffled.  For a parent there isn’t worse than what tortures the kid. She would want that moster get off her kid’s back and let the poor child play happy.

But job wasn’t really a monster! Even my work mates weren’t that zany, nor was my schedule. I went digging deeper into my soul to figure out why I made that call to mom. It was a long search, perhaps just begun.

I was neither unhappy with myself nor with my way of living, not too pompous nor hurting.  But each time I met my closest buddy I was beginning to feel a disturbance. Our senses are so designed they signal right and wrong, if you watched closely they would lead you perfectly! You see appreciation in the eyes of your buddies and your selfworth goes up. The reverse holds as true! 

If your buddy were envious, not compassionate enough or purely not attracted, whether he pretended or showed it, it may impact you. No amount of breathing helped focus into inner strengths. This is when I would jump to react but hold on. The tug of war has a shearing strain on your inner being. Despite the best reads as ” How to be strong” and “positive thinking” which every young mind would devour I was losing a big part of me. My smile! 

Thats when I took to this simple measure. Check how real your smile is to know who you are and how close to your inner being!

The alert goes blaring if your result shows a tremendous distance. It’s not unusual to give in to that state, specially if you believed in karma and destiny. You may believe it’s harmonious to adapt and serve all your social personal conditions with subservience. Yes, as long as your smile is hearty. 

Else, Let Go! What do we hold on to? The dearest things. What is dear? That which causes a fear of loss.  The moment you rake in your thoughts about how you are without all that you are accumulating, you see your being. If you have to tug something along to keep, its probably going to resist and try break loose. Leave it, if the wind and water carry it to you, being with it is a pleasure and as long as it stays! Give it a thought. You may seem mavericky, but you are realistic!

Let Go! It will come back, coz you loved it so!

HiRiNg RiGhT?

There is a basic hiring strategy my supervisor had taught me, that I barely see applied in Indian organisations!

Overflowing applications through online medium, inability to sort in order of priority, premature interviewing techniques, a hype of unvalidated online testing methods, mostly to meet timelines!

It is understandable why there is such a chaos in the hiring experience.

Hiring is not just about finding the best candidate, its a first point of customer contact, employee experience and a strong brand touch point! Much is understood about the organisation’s philosophy there!

Leaders who talk about candidate attitude, employee engagement and retention must not neglect their first delivery point! It sets stage the base of a relationship.

Even in a heavy talent supply market, your organisation’s core competence doesn’t go negligent! Hiring holds the crucial role of creating a robust platform.

1. Form clear role definition

2. Create appropriate search criteria, location, skill, experience.

3. Set timelines 

4. Draw appropriate candidature

5. Interview professionally, not by bullying, demeaning candidates

6. Offer respectfully!

Your employees will imbibe the same culture thereon.

Raking up STD

Navratri, marked by fasting and dandiya, austerities and festivities to invoke the goddess’ mercy and blessings has long been India’s cherished times wildly spreading by lengths and breadths to all corners. 

It’s modernized alternate could hit the traditional right below the belt with bellowing parties overflowing with fluidity of dances, drinks and dazzling divas! With as much fervour or more the youngsters crowd over to drown in its magic, leaving craving midaged yearning to break free from the bondage of standard customs!

This season was marked by popularising the dogma shattering goddess to reign craving minds and bring out in open the shackled desires behind Indian double standards about celebrating sexual indulgence! 

Sex-a taboo, a devilish inclination to withhold, to push into the darkness has long led Indian customs to hide and shun. It has run into perversion due to suppression of inherent carnal human desire. Only with protagonists introducing it gently through popular media into mass acceptance and overwhelming sense of freedom from a caged society.

As long as it can be withheld with dignity, it may create new standards for the growingly altering culture of this nation, moving far west and mutant from its long standing imploding desires to break open.

Tag You’re It!

Is there an inherent and growing apathy and intolerance in the theories drawn out of emotions based research or psychology?
Labelling as “chronically unhappy” , “toxic people”, “optimists”! I don’t know many people that live in one state forever. A matured human knows that circumstances, conditions, experiences add upto a personality or demeanour.  Then why crucify someone as chronically misbehaving? Unless it’s a serious medical case.

I read one popular author mention ‘people do not want to stay near unhappy people. So one must learn to be happy!’ That’s really a self centric, low empathic view of life. It’s not uncommon that people flock during good times and rush to share your success. But growing endorsement makes this a predominant culture!

I have cherished some great learnings from civilised communities where people have stood by to make the life of poor, disabled and unfortunately unhappy people in dire misery.  They have likewise stood by young, old and miserable to help them better.

How does intolerance help make a better place, except a cold house with a fire place?

How do you see this?

Amidst the Humbug…

Waking up to a mundane routine. I was surprised by the two pretty visitors to our neighbourhood.Right next to this concrete jungle is a little space left out by the landowners for a natural bite. And sometimes I am taken aback by its trespassers. They leave such an overwhelming impression.

Only thing that perhaps breaks your heart is their short stay. Yes, somehow nervy and impatient or perhaps cautious of the worldly ways they choose to keep their visits short and fiesty!

The sheer thrill of loosing a few moments of worldly worries to the serenity and charisma in their presence, their quick fly aways is the valuable bit to this capture.

What it leaves behind is the idea of an engrossing engagement with reality in its truest essence. And yet so strange it seems unreal for our taste of the plastic world, sketched so deep into our nerves.


With entrepreneurship tucked under her belt, has she treaded a rougher path, abrasive for ber bellies to withstand? Is her favorite pink replaced by a rusty brown and grey? Or is it another of the multifacets that just unveiled from under her long tresses clipped down to a neat bun, her fore fringe still denying the tie up!

A wildly passionate woman, effeminate, affable and infectiously imaginative hinged into the bottle, you may just let the gennie suffocate. Let your woman express through her flair. Her need to create, to overpower, empathise and yet demand is a world full of paradoxes that is better kept safe from the logical hands that can easily crush her spirit and leave her a withered leaf.

How easy is it for others in her world to get this right? Are the other belles hearing her? Or still stuck in the obsolescence of envy and narrow hallways of aciduous  grape vines? A woman for a woman, sounds much like an alternative club. We are seriously talking about hand in hand coordination.

What’s common observation is how males and females work in groups. While males are seen collaborate through common interest, women largely worked better with males than other women. There are many areas women face that men don’t relate to, which languish because women avoid forming collaborative work groups. 

That’s what Womania desires to showcase. Come together and celebrate the strengths of women work groups!