[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: I will never be me….

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: I live with it…cz you forced it on me…

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: I smile cz i hv to live on….not becoz of love

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: Don’t expect me to look like before…if you wanted…you would nt hv cheated

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: That cz you cheat….

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: You can force love but never touch my soul…

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: Cz i don’t trust you anymore

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: You can hug me but just the body…not my soul

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: You cheated….the worst way anyone would…with lies n abuse for years…

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: Pretending love….is what ill wishers do.

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: That’s no love.  I m waiting to see….where this ends after all

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: Its looks that matter, pleasure for a few moments.  You lie despite… still believing you will fool all!

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: I am waiting to see where you end up after all.

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: You hv no clue what harm you do… You still call it love. 

Its lust you are running after…love is noway your call.

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: You can never make me look as before… that was love that shone… that was a soul full of devinity… a soul filled with truth n all

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: How can a fake hug fill that place…

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: It waits to see how much longer you can cheat after all!

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: It can only force a hug in all… the soul remains aloof…from lies n lust…waiting to see how far you go after all!

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: Its only untill you see the body…

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: Its only until one is pleasant looking.

[27/07, 20:05] πŸ˜€: I wait to see how long you can fake after all