Amidst the Humbug…

Waking up to a mundane routine. I was surprised by the two pretty visitors to our neighbourhood.Right next to this concrete jungle is a little space left out by the landowners for a natural bite. And sometimes I am taken aback by its trespassers. They leave such an overwhelming impression.

Only thing that perhaps breaks your heart is their short stay. Yes, somehow nervy and impatient or perhaps cautious of the worldly ways they choose to keep their visits short and fiesty!

The sheer thrill of loosing a few moments of worldly worries to the serenity and charisma in their presence, their quick fly aways is the valuable bit to this capture.

What it leaves behind is the idea of an engrossing engagement with reality in its truest essence. And yet so strange it seems unreal for our taste of the plastic world, sketched so deep into our nerves.


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