Creating God!

Bineau posted about the new robot God that was on its way from the AI world. The first thought that occured was, “who?” Men(humans, no gender bias intended) who refute existence of any super power called God and affirm that historically man attributed all unexplained ignorance to a creature and thus created mythology about it, had by far, found God afterall!

Two things, one he constantly questioned existence of God. Which questions his affirmation. Two his attempt to create God is a gesture man historically attempted; to attribute! History does repeat itself. Be it as a tree or a machine!

The other perspective is God is that attribute that is all powerful, wondrous and indomitable. Why would man want to create this superior being? Isn’t that against human’s BCP (business continuity plan)? Or is the charm of marvelling so gripping that man can give up his self to achieve his greatest creation. Does he secretly admire being Godded upon, hence all means of finding ways to create Him? Why not? Matters if you see God as a protector and wellwisher and not your enemy, then why fear your marvel? You must coexist and better create till infinity.

Brings me back to, “what was wrong in finding God in the Tree or the sea ?” A mere element issue, a matter of water, carbon, platinum or gold and the software, chantings or voice recognition and transfer?
Indian mythology has anecdotes of ‘Vishwakarma’ carving the Lords’ deities. There is a process of then instilling life in the deities by invoking The Spirit! Now if the AI scientists did want to instill programs that gave their Machine the Spirit, that’s God enough! Overall it looks like Man loves to see his best potential and cumulative optimum given form and shape as a separate unique entity, praised and awed at! The God with out?

When Indian spiritual gurus (originals) waded to the darkest regions to spread some light people asked, “Does He have form, shape?” , “Is He different from I” , “Is He within, without?”, “How do we find Him?”

The answers were, He is infinite but can take form to satisfy your curiosity, He is within and without at the same time, He is the cummulative whole of all of creation and ever expansive. Yes, you can find him by various paths you choose- curiosity, adamance, accumulation and assimilation or simple love and faith. The plastic and platinum or log of wood is your choice! One transfers electric energy and other transfers faith!

Good to see the paths you traverse to meet Him in the End! Errr….let us know what gender is your GOD Robot?


HiRiNg RiGhT?

There is a basic hiring strategy my supervisor had taught me, that I barely see applied in Indian organisations!

Overflowing applications through online medium, inability to sort in order of priority, premature interviewing techniques, a hype of unvalidated online testing methods, mostly to meet timelines!

It is understandable why there is such a chaos in the hiring experience.

Hiring is not just about finding the best candidate, its a first point of customer contact, employee experience and a strong brand touch point! Much is understood about the organisation’s philosophy there!

Leaders who talk about candidate attitude, employee engagement and retention must not neglect their first delivery point! It sets stage the base of a relationship.

Even in a heavy talent supply market, your organisation’s core competence doesn’t go negligent! Hiring holds the crucial role of creating a robust platform.

1. Form clear role definition

2. Create appropriate search criteria, location, skill, experience.

3. Set timelines 

4. Draw appropriate candidature

5. Interview professionally, not by bullying, demeaning candidates

6. Offer respectfully!

Your employees will imbibe the same culture thereon.

Tag You’re It!

Is there an inherent and growing apathy and intolerance in the theories drawn out of emotions based research or psychology?
Labelling as “chronically unhappy” , “toxic people”, “optimists”! I don’t know many people that live in one state forever. A matured human knows that circumstances, conditions, experiences add upto a personality or demeanour.  Then why crucify someone as chronically misbehaving? Unless it’s a serious medical case.

I read one popular author mention ‘people do not want to stay near unhappy people. So one must learn to be happy!’ That’s really a self centric, low empathic view of life. It’s not uncommon that people flock during good times and rush to share your success. But growing endorsement makes this a predominant culture!

I have cherished some great learnings from civilised communities where people have stood by to make the life of poor, disabled and unfortunately unhappy people in dire misery.  They have likewise stood by young, old and miserable to help them better.

How does intolerance help make a better place, except a cold house with a fire place?

How do you see this?


With entrepreneurship tucked under her belt, has she treaded a rougher path, abrasive for ber bellies to withstand? Is her favorite pink replaced by a rusty brown and grey? Or is it another of the multifacets that just unveiled from under her long tresses clipped down to a neat bun, her fore fringe still denying the tie up!

A wildly passionate woman, effeminate, affable and infectiously imaginative hinged into the bottle, you may just let the gennie suffocate. Let your woman express through her flair. Her need to create, to overpower, empathise and yet demand is a world full of paradoxes that is better kept safe from the logical hands that can easily crush her spirit and leave her a withered leaf.

How easy is it for others in her world to get this right? Are the other belles hearing her? Or still stuck in the obsolescence of envy and narrow hallways of aciduous  grape vines? A woman for a woman, sounds much like an alternative club. We are seriously talking about hand in hand coordination.

What’s common observation is how males and females work in groups. While males are seen collaborate through common interest, women largely worked better with males than other women. There are many areas women face that men don’t relate to, which languish because women avoid forming collaborative work groups. 

That’s what Womania desires to showcase. Come together and celebrate the strengths of women work groups!