Make a difference..Adopt the devil!

Right before you take a plunge….

The phone rang and I picked up to hear that feeble young voice, talking about feeling lost in a city of unknowns!  All empathies but this came unwelcome, passed off as a coincidence. 

I never thought about its sharp improbability. At times life is to be lived, not shrugged off filled with scepticism. Much is lost in safeguarding.  Though that seems reckless, that’s perhaps the charm of living it to the fullest. Mind not those who invite challenges just to make it worth appreciating. And perhaps, if you are seeking it you are probably ignoring, overlooking it’s inherent beauty.

I was lapping up my usual reads, my phone beeped, “can I call you?” The number was unfamiliar, in a wink the call had landed and I was responding surprised. “I am in town, I was in UK for a while. Thought I should let you know. ” These sporadic calls sounded SOS types.

As time passed by they suddenly converted to appreciation and short emotional sharing. Then once it was a joyous message of a new job! So I was thinking it was over after all, I wished him well.

A year had passed by the same voice landed on my phone past midnight, while I was on a night shift. He was proposing marriage? Should be intoxicated to consider someone you haven’t met, I was reasoning out. I was beginning to suffocate now. In a few months, in the same city I discovered rather odd truth about the gentleman. He had impersonated all along, part truth about himself. I was zapped yet concerned what could lead people to such frenzy? What I would now write as a comic tale, I resist, to show the unfortunate consequences of pranks. 

Flirting has its charm, often an expression of creativity and passion can be healthily steered into respectful liaison. Point is to hold it with dignity, not to let loose its character. Yet, many go headlong bumping in and out, making a mudslinging of all of it! And that’s where you know it’s a sign of gory intentions and callousness. Hold your strings if you are too passionate for you could be disappointed 

“I am shifting to your city, I have a job offer. Need your help settling down”. Now you need to learn to say NO! But he was quite convincing in his story. “Please don’t give up on me!” These words stuck around me like an unsaid bond.

I had adopted the DEVIL! Just to make a difference. I had no plans to chain it, but to win him his self esteem, his pride and success in life. Every passing day of defeated behaviour issues I had still calmly stood by, sometimes a little unnerved and seeking expert opinion.

I had alongside adopted huge differences with my whole clan, branded for treachery and filled my life with misgivings of people. I didn’t carry any obligation but to life! A big decision and you must dare if you have the ability to bear it! Don’t trudge this path unless you have honed your nerves.

For the Devil is not meant to fall back on! You must then bear your own cross….

….Don’t wait for the Devil to carry you when your wings are chipped!


Love Hurts..

“Hey! Where do you live?”, came her notification! “A curious she, popped open her chat box, excited she had a reply from a new friend. From lazy chats to a strange sharing of moments and further on to a lovable bond, she was rather in awe how things were falling in place! Each time he endorsed he didn’t want it to end she was an inch more excited!

“Can we meet?”, she asked. He said, “there were too many things going on!”. Put back, she was a little hassled if everything was alright. From distances you can only presume, not perceive much of the real reaction.

Each time there was a new reaction, a new reason not to meet. All alarms set off! She began to worry if this was a fake, manipulative, abusive relationship!

One day she got a threat call from a woman, claiming relationship with this guy. She started verifying and threatening. When contacted he avoided, slipped away and denied any disclosure. Instead abused her for engaging in discussion and disturbing him. She was in utter shock! She asked him if he wanted to end this and had better people to be with. He still denied. This went on for years, until she fell through a nervous breakdown.

Yet, he claimed his love for her, while being away with others.

I wonder, what makes a man lie even when it is disastrous to the other! Just to evade truth, deny being characterless, protect the other relationship, enjoy a sadistic touch or sheer inability to displease anyone. Mind you, the cost of this lie could be a human life! The cost could be insanity. I don’t believe there is any excuse to let such a thing happen.

My prayers, people who resort to these habits understand the aftermath, learn some self control so that relationships do not become meaninglessly harmful.

But, one thing to learn is to let go, before it is too late. It is wiser to let such people go off your life so that they cannot hurt you. It’s tough to part ways, but just on yourself to keep away from trouble. This is where letting go helps immensely.