Make a difference..Adopt the devil!

Right before you take a plunge….

The phone rang and I picked up to hear that feeble young voice, talking about feeling lost in a city of unknowns!  All empathies but this came unwelcome, passed off as a coincidence. 

I never thought about its sharp improbability. At times life is to be lived, not shrugged off filled with scepticism. Much is lost in safeguarding.  Though that seems reckless, that’s perhaps the charm of living it to the fullest. Mind not those who invite challenges just to make it worth appreciating. And perhaps, if you are seeking it you are probably ignoring, overlooking it’s inherent beauty.

I was lapping up my usual reads, my phone beeped, “can I call you?” The number was unfamiliar, in a wink the call had landed and I was responding surprised. “I am in town, I was in UK for a while. Thought I should let you know. ” These sporadic calls sounded SOS types.

As time passed by they suddenly converted to appreciation and short emotional sharing. Then once it was a joyous message of a new job! So I was thinking it was over after all, I wished him well.

A year had passed by the same voice landed on my phone past midnight, while I was on a night shift. He was proposing marriage? Should be intoxicated to consider someone you haven’t met, I was reasoning out. I was beginning to suffocate now. In a few months, in the same city I discovered rather odd truth about the gentleman. He had impersonated all along, part truth about himself. I was zapped yet concerned what could lead people to such frenzy? What I would now write as a comic tale, I resist, to show the unfortunate consequences of pranks. 

Flirting has its charm, often an expression of creativity and passion can be healthily steered into respectful liaison. Point is to hold it with dignity, not to let loose its character. Yet, many go headlong bumping in and out, making a mudslinging of all of it! And that’s where you know it’s a sign of gory intentions and callousness. Hold your strings if you are too passionate for you could be disappointed 

“I am shifting to your city, I have a job offer. Need your help settling down”. Now you need to learn to say NO! But he was quite convincing in his story. “Please don’t give up on me!” These words stuck around me like an unsaid bond.

I had adopted the DEVIL! Just to make a difference. I had no plans to chain it, but to win him his self esteem, his pride and success in life. Every passing day of defeated behaviour issues I had still calmly stood by, sometimes a little unnerved and seeking expert opinion.

I had alongside adopted huge differences with my whole clan, branded for treachery and filled my life with misgivings of people. I didn’t carry any obligation but to life! A big decision and you must dare if you have the ability to bear it! Don’t trudge this path unless you have honed your nerves.

For the Devil is not meant to fall back on! You must then bear your own cross….

….Don’t wait for the Devil to carry you when your wings are chipped!


Three Friends

“He is a district level champion”, Bro introduced Santy. “Wow! That’s a chance for me to professionally learn a game”, I asked smirking, “would he mind training me, then?” “Sure, let’s see where you stand and we can fix a time for daily practice”. We had then become buddies, travelling to university together. Forty kilometers isn’t fun without friends and guess what, a campus amidst a dense forest area, atop a plateau!

Three years of fun and adventure, they stood like pillars by me. But then you graduate, means you part ways! I spun away to the metro city and was lost in the crowd and humbug. To each his own, they say. Carving a career, settling to be professionals, takes away so much of your comforts. And there you stand proud of your achievements, sensing some happiness and creating a niche for yourself.

Until one day, when destiny knocks on your door a heavy metal anchor and binds you to itself, drilling and dragging as it swerves through the murky waters to test your agility and adaptability. Some call it crisis, some just enjoy the thrill of the roller coaster.

I opened my messenger inbox. “Where are you? Add me to your friends list”, came a message from Bro! “Whoa! It’s been donkeys years! Add you bull shit! Call me on my cell phone”, I left him my number. He called that evening, cussing me tip to toe. “We both searched for your for fifteen long years. You haughty kid! You never turned back to look at your mates? Off you went!”, he rattled off endlessly. “I was caught up in many things”, I said grimly, unwilling to spill the beans.

“I am a billionaire now! Would you believe it? And Santy is settled in the United States”, Bro exclaimed. ” I am separated, right now trying to relocate and settle down with better opportunities. Some social complications I am going through. “Ah! Sorry to hear that, but need to know how all that happened”, he added. Let me create a group for the three of us to share”. He quickly added me and Santy was dazed to see me after all these years.

Hearing my plight they both were concerned. Santy called up immediately to hear the story from my end. He told me his and Bro’s bit of struggle in life. “I have taken to a spiritual life, totally convinced there is no better life support. But Bro wouldn’t approve of my ways. I have told him how and why to avoid drinking so. But he gets upset with the mention of that”.

In a month Bro came over to visit us. It was a replay of college times. But a serious Bro! A pretty much binge drinking Bro, a guide to many careerists and an entrepreneur.

I stay struck at the different courses life had taken for each of us. A bit of pain, a bit of achievement and yet such different values. ‘To each his own’….I thought and it all depends how you create opportunity of your crisis.


Happy Mother’s Day!

I called Mom,eager to wish, show my gratitude, make her feel special and valued on this special day, 14th of May’17.

Her mobile phone beeped and stopped. My excitement dipped a notch. I called a few more times, each time a singsong automated message said the phone was either, busy or unreachable. Hmmphh…! I let it go.

Hours of waiting for a good time when she wouldn’t be resting or working, I called again. This time bubbling with wishes and emotions, I waited to hear her voice. But the phone was now switched off? My imaginations running wild, I wondered if something had gone awfully wrong, she wasn’t home or just upset with me. Quickly, my mind ran back and forth recollecting the sequences of last few discussions. Nothing! That would upset her.

At Eight in the evening I figured her phone was busy, waited a while and called back it was switched off! This time I was sure there was some malice against me. I was a little put off. Yet I kept up with my hope. Just before the special day ended, at 11:45pm, I tried one more time. No response! Now, this was unusual for a Sunday. I was rather worried since she had been alone the past week. Since Dad’s passing away in January, she was still going through a trauma.

Worried sick, I waited to call her next morning when she would be in her office. I called, smartly waiting to pounce on her when a slightly different voice answered the phone. “Who is this?”, she asked. “Someone waiting to wish her Mom on Mother’s Day”, I said. The voice kind of trembled unsure of the prompt response, curtly asked me my identity. I was worried if I had dialed a wrong number. So I dropped the call. Yet, the discussion I overheard before dropping the call made me rethink. I quickly checked the contact list and dialed back. “Yes”, she responded. “Mom, it’s me!” I blurted before she had disconnected. “Oh! Baby. Is that you?”, she sighed after that whisper. “I had been trying all day to wish you!”, I yelled complaining. “Is this your contact number? I got scared yesterday”, she narrated how they had been putting the phone off each time they saw my call. I was using a number that they didn’t know. I just didn’t realize I wasn’t using my usual phone.

“I had a terrible squabble with my younger brother with regards to inheritance and I was scared they were calling to threaten me of consequences”, she said. “Ah!, so I made your day worrisome instead of making it happy!” I said regretfully. So much ado about making Mother’s Day Happy!