Creating God!

Bineau posted about the new robot God that was on its way from the AI world. The first thought that occured was, “who?” Men(humans, no gender bias intended) who refute existence of any super power called God and affirm that historically man attributed all unexplained ignorance to a creature and thus created mythology about it, had by far, found God afterall!

Two things, one he constantly questioned existence of God. Which questions his affirmation. Two his attempt to create God is a gesture man historically attempted; to attribute! History does repeat itself. Be it as a tree or a machine!

The other perspective is God is that attribute that is all powerful, wondrous and indomitable. Why would man want to create this superior being? Isn’t that against human’s BCP (business continuity plan)? Or is the charm of marvelling so gripping that man can give up his self to achieve his greatest creation. Does he secretly admire being Godded upon, hence all means of finding ways to create Him? Why not? Matters if you see God as a protector and wellwisher and not your enemy, then why fear your marvel? You must coexist and better create till infinity.

Brings me back to, “what was wrong in finding God in the Tree or the sea ?” A mere element issue, a matter of water, carbon, platinum or gold and the software, chantings or voice recognition and transfer?
Indian mythology has anecdotes of ‘Vishwakarma’ carving the Lords’ deities. There is a process of then instilling life in the deities by invoking The Spirit! Now if the AI scientists did want to instill programs that gave their Machine the Spirit, that’s God enough! Overall it looks like Man loves to see his best potential and cumulative optimum given form and shape as a separate unique entity, praised and awed at! The God with out?

When Indian spiritual gurus (originals) waded to the darkest regions to spread some light people asked, “Does He have form, shape?” , “Is He different from I” , “Is He within, without?”, “How do we find Him?”

The answers were, He is infinite but can take form to satisfy your curiosity, He is within and without at the same time, He is the cummulative whole of all of creation and ever expansive. Yes, you can find him by various paths you choose- curiosity, adamance, accumulation and assimilation or simple love and faith. The plastic and platinum or log of wood is your choice! One transfers electric energy and other transfers faith!

Good to see the paths you traverse to meet Him in the End! Errr….let us know what gender is your GOD Robot?


Three Friends

“He is a district level champion”, Bro introduced Santy. “Wow! That’s a chance for me to professionally learn a game”, I asked smirking, “would he mind training me, then?” “Sure, let’s see where you stand and we can fix a time for daily practice”. We had then become buddies, travelling to university together. Forty kilometers isn’t fun without friends and guess what, a campus amidst a dense forest area, atop a plateau!

Three years of fun and adventure, they stood like pillars by me. But then you graduate, means you part ways! I spun away to the metro city and was lost in the crowd and humbug. To each his own, they say. Carving a career, settling to be professionals, takes away so much of your comforts. And there you stand proud of your achievements, sensing some happiness and creating a niche for yourself.

Until one day, when destiny knocks on your door a heavy metal anchor and binds you to itself, drilling and dragging as it swerves through the murky waters to test your agility and adaptability. Some call it crisis, some just enjoy the thrill of the roller coaster.

I opened my messenger inbox. “Where are you? Add me to your friends list”, came a message from Bro! “Whoa! It’s been donkeys years! Add you bull shit! Call me on my cell phone”, I left him my number. He called that evening, cussing me tip to toe. “We both searched for your for fifteen long years. You haughty kid! You never turned back to look at your mates? Off you went!”, he rattled off endlessly. “I was caught up in many things”, I said grimly, unwilling to spill the beans.

“I am a billionaire now! Would you believe it? And Santy is settled in the United States”, Bro exclaimed. ” I am separated, right now trying to relocate and settle down with better opportunities. Some social complications I am going through. “Ah! Sorry to hear that, but need to know how all that happened”, he added. Let me create a group for the three of us to share”. He quickly added me and Santy was dazed to see me after all these years.

Hearing my plight they both were concerned. Santy called up immediately to hear the story from my end. He told me his and Bro’s bit of struggle in life. “I have taken to a spiritual life, totally convinced there is no better life support. But Bro wouldn’t approve of my ways. I have told him how and why to avoid drinking so. But he gets upset with the mention of that”.

In a month Bro came over to visit us. It was a replay of college times. But a serious Bro! A pretty much binge drinking Bro, a guide to many careerists and an entrepreneur.

I stay struck at the different courses life had taken for each of us. A bit of pain, a bit of achievement and yet such different values. ‘To each his own’….I thought and it all depends how you create opportunity of your crisis.


Unlimited Love


She was touching a crisp sixteen, spirits soaring, dreams too big to contain in a little heart! Anxiety to know her future, her present and know it all was about pouring out of the cup. Her mind filled with questions, building a strange vacuum around, leaving bystanders baffled about what she wanted, some dodging them as nonsense.

One day her uncle told her, some of the answers she sought would be there in the bible. she grabbed the holy book and couldn’t but stop devouring the sermons on faith, love, sacrifice, forgiveness and compassion! All those words that would melt into the ears, would read aloud a new story about itself. What else did a human need after all she wondered. It was almost like her answers were all there!

But the stupid mind wouldn’t just rest yet! “Love who?”, it popped.

She did visit the temple but resisted from her usual wishing for dreams to come true. She had awkward doubts about how her wishes would get fulfilled, if she was to ask and then why and to who?  A lot of searching to satiate that restless mind, a hungry heart led her wandering from books to bookies, not many could see her vulnerability.

That evening, she sat with her grandfather, a retired police officer. Having served the nation and some great leaders, he had resigned into a sedentary life. A stiffly disciplined man of high repute in service of utmost high standards, he had set bars for all children so tall, that she was scared to talk to him earlier. Now a teenager, braver and thoughtful, she was keen to hear him tell about his life achievements. A sad story why the unspoken truth about a public life had hushed him into seclusion as a healthier bet, but actually led him into suppression and ill health.

He was under treatment for geriatric ailments and in six months she was seeing final respects and gun salute offered to his body! She stood alarmed, heartbroken and moreover awe struck at the turn of events, the value of this living body and lack of control on life as a whole!

Twelve days post his passing away, she visited grandfather’s house to see six men, young and old, all clad in saffron loincloth reading, chanting, singing hymns and elaborating sermons. One phrase caught her attention! The old man said, “this body is not us!”. She blurted,”what?”, much aloud to stop the discussion for a moment.