Don’t answer the Call..

I was upset with my little one throwing tantrum at midnight. I realy wished I could make him vanish until he regained his calm! But I am not the fairy Godmother, nor is he the enchanted…

Soon I was clearing up the table and making the bed. Putting all to sleep I shut out the lights. I dropped, don’t know when, into a deep slumber.  My eyes opened with a hustle bustle, I didn’t see the little one in bed. Pretty annoyed, he dared mess up so late, I kept gazing at the phone. It was 2.30am!! Holy! What on earth could he be trying, was he out of his wits? 

I walked up to see him lying on his bed, rather washed out! I came back and responded to a few texts. My friend in UK asked me surprised how I was up so late. I gathered my wits and listened carefully to what had actually disturbed me. I hear a bunch of dogs howling and barking mad, that gave me a start, I said. Just then I could hear a whole lot of noise from the kitchen. “Never answer a knock between midnight until dawn”, they say. Those are supposed to be the wee hours, stolen by darkness, tendered by surrealism.  

I was frozen. I just knew there was something going on, but couldn’t go to check. Mildly assumed it was the rats as there was some food lying outside. Tried hard to take a wink, but my eyes were stuck out open like I had no lids! Whooh! It was tiring. In sometime I had dozed off. The twilight tempered my senses, I could go check now or wait for the milkman to ring the bell. I couldn’t wait. Hopping out to see, my son sleeping on the couch in the lounge I went bonkers.

When did you come here to sleep? I asked. I was here all night, he said. Why is the main gate open? He said he wouldnt know. Did you wake up for food at 2 o clock? No, he said!

Ah! I had goose bumps but I wouldn’t let him know. I was pretending it was him and he had forgotten.

But it remains unanswered who was there!