HiRiNg RiGhT?

There is a basic hiring strategy my supervisor had taught me, that I barely see applied in Indian organisations!

Overflowing applications through online medium, inability to sort in order of priority, premature interviewing techniques, a hype of unvalidated online testing methods, mostly to meet timelines!

It is understandable why there is such a chaos in the hiring experience.

Hiring is not just about finding the best candidate, its a first point of customer contact, employee experience and a strong brand touch point! Much is understood about the organisation’s philosophy there!

Leaders who talk about candidate attitude, employee engagement and retention must not neglect their first delivery point! It sets stage the base of a relationship.

Even in a heavy talent supply market, your organisation’s core competence doesn’t go negligent! Hiring holds the crucial role of creating a robust platform.

1. Form clear role definition

2. Create appropriate search criteria, location, skill, experience.

3. Set timelines 

4. Draw appropriate candidature

5. Interview professionally, not by bullying, demeaning candidates

6. Offer respectfully!

Your employees will imbibe the same culture thereon.