Straw Hat

Straw is dried stalks of grain, used as fodder or as material for thatching, packing or weaving. Straw symbolizes simplicity, humility and a down to earth attitude. It has references in Eastern philosophies to humility that is undeterred even when trampled under feet and at the same time as powerful when the tiniest bit enters a person’s eyes.

Straw Hats have remained a fashion statement, a protection against sun and wind, part of uniform, a sporting head gear as well as a status symbol.
It was observed in the eighteenth century paintings to have adorned the richest ladies hair, decorated with a tuft of flower, feather or satin ribbon. It has been a summer time favorite head protection for men of all regions. The eastern world has always seen farmers, soldiers and other hard working men use it as a head protector in the sun!
It has been a natural gear for the communities that have ease of access to straw; meaning farmers and cattle herders. Hence, history holds some taboo to the status attached to straw hats as against felt or leather hats. Yet, there have been many times that this dash of golden, mesh has adorned the most handsome men and women as a shear fashion call.
A tourists favorite in the summers, it has held great value by the coasts, no matter where.
A ‘Straw Hat’ is also a person of great intellect, wisdom and values with enormous sense of humility, compassion and ability to present himself to the lowest of lows. His genius is unfathomable, often confused as an ordinary simpleton, he is  ignored and overlooked by observers as ‘a person of no value’! A Straw Hat can many a times be a true leader, one whose wisdom shows people the way into in-ordinariness.

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